126 Times Members Of This Facebook Group Came Up With Genius IKEA Hacks

IKEA has been designing and selling ready-to-assemble furniture for decades. The company operates 460 stores in 62 markets and aims to, as it says, “offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home … products at prices so low, that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.”

And it's succeeding. Every year, IKEA welcomes more than 680 million customers in its stores and around 3.8 billion on its website, amounting to sales of 39.5 billion EUR (or 41.8 billion USD) in the fiscal year 2022. However, with around 10,000 products, some clients are having doubts if they can make the most out of the retailer's supply.

This is where the internet comes in. There's a Facebook group, called ‘IKEA tips, hacks and more!‘ and as the name suggests, it invites people to share their proudest shopping discoveries. Whether you are already planning a complete makeover for your place or are simply looking for some DIY project inspiration, this online community might have exactly what you need.

I Used Fejka Plant Tiles To Decorate My Veranda Roof

Put them together in rows of 4, then fastened each row to a 5x1m plastic garden fence. Put in a light chain. Everything was then fasten to 8 shower rods. For fastening I used green metal thread. The shower rods had to be a 2-3 cm wider than the space so they could hold up.

Janecke Heber Report

I’m What Is Known As An Afol (Adult Fan Of LEGO) And I’ve Come Up With An IKEA LEGO Minifigure Hack

I’m what is known as an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) and I’ve come up with an IKEA LEGO minifigure hack.
I used:
* 2 x IKEA Gnedby DVD/CD units (often cheap on Gumtree as people are getting rid of their DVDs/CDs) screwed together
* 1 x IKEA Oxberg glass door
* Moulding (I used 42x11x275 primed wood lengths from Bunnings)
* I finished it off with 3×20 LEGO plates (trimmed from 32×32 baseplates)
Now I have dust free LEGO minifigure display/storage! 😊
I had a third Gnedby that was broken and I could salvage the shelves from, so the number of shelves shown in my pictures is more than you’d get with just 2 units (so with 2 units you'd just space the shelves a little further apart)
I had to drill the holes for the door to go on as they were not pre-drilled – I used the holes on our Billy bookcase as a guide to where they should be positioned.
You can get around 25 minifigs on each stand (more if you space them closer), however I did 20 on most shelves as the door obstructs a bit on either side. Where there were themes that had more than 20 minifigs I just put the ones I didn't like as much in the column that would be harder to see.

Ellie Sibbald Report

My Weekend Job

Previously a dumping ground…
SMÅSTAD / PLATSA wardrobe, KALLAX cubes and BERGSHULT shelf with GRANHULT brackets, all white but painted with dark blue After Midnight  Frenchic paint.
KARTOTEK hooks screwed onto pallet wood. 
All baskets and fake foliage from IKEA. 
TV bench from different brand, covered with pallet wood, stained and waxed for maximum protection. 
Made a massive difference to the entrance and we love it 

Carla Mariano Report

I Really Wanted A Plant Wall In The Bathroom, But There's No Natural Light

…. after a lot of investigation, ikea seemed to have the best price-quality in these wall-squares (that you can easily hang)…. if I saw them lying in the store, I thought “mnaaah, that doesn't look good”. Luckely, they hung an example nearby, and there it already looked much better…
I bought some extra fake plants, wich I cut up and glued in between to make it more dense and camouflage the sides.

Sien Vervoort Report

Our LEGO Table That Folds Down And I Put The Alex Drawers On Wheels!

ETA: the table is called Norberg. Alex is the name of the drawers that hold all the legos (not pictured).

Kristin Moul Driscoll Report