20+ Memes: Fluffiest Feisty Felines in the Form of Human Funnies

As of late, our fluffy critters wake us up religiously between 4-5 am, letting us know that they are either bored, hungry, angry, or worst of all — HANGRY FOR ATTENTION. Which is basically a combination of everything. When we say fluffy critters, we're talking fluffy felines in particular. Our doggos make a lot of noise too, but they begin their chanting their own mantra at about 6 am.

The thing with having these glorious little beings as pets is that they become a part of your family. They feel like your literal DNA. You can't be mad at ’em, even when they get feisty and claw at your couch, or ruin your grandmother's carpet. We love ’em, and it's the kind of unconditional love that we as people yearn for from significant others. But who needs an SO when you got your daily dose of serotonin from funny cat memes? Scroll down and check out the best of the best.

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