20 Workers Who Gave Up Mid-Task With A ‘Not My Job’ Mentality

Work fails are only funny when you don’t work with the people who give up mid-task.

The “not my job” mentality can lead to a lack of teamwork and collaboration, as well as missed opportunities. However, it can also lead to hilarious work fails like the ones people are sharing online in the “Not My Job” subreddit.

1. “Made the sign boss”

2. *Tips fedora* M’ssippi

3. “Camera hanged… boss”

4. “Reduced the flood risk, boss”

5. “Relaid the tiles after construction, boss”

6. “Boss, I got the cake decorated!! Boss, I got the cake decorated!!”

7. “Anti-smoking ad gone wrong”

8. “Oh no…”

9. “Added the headline text, boss!”

10. “I think Burger King forgot something”

11. “Fixed the Fence Boss!”

12. “Fixed the dumb telephone pole, boss. Fixed the dumb telephone pole, boss.”

13. “This floor moulding”

14. “Extreme wheelchairing!”

15. “Always get a home inspection before purchase folks”

16. “The weather graphic is ready, boss!”

17. “Spotted in Target. Next level fashion.”

18. “my BF ordered an egg and cheese bagel…”

19. “I think my FedEx guy was having a bad day…”

20. “My dad said ‘as close to the rose bushes as possible’……”