22 Purrfect Videos That Prove Orange and Ginger Cats Share One Communal Braincell

If you're a cat person, then you can appreciate a doofy cat moment. It's adorable, but most of the time your sweet little feline friend is a regal creature that's picturesque and runs the household. However, if you are an orange/ginger cat parent… Well, things are a little different. Why is it that orange cats are most commonly the most chaotic of all the house cat breeds?? It is probably because they all share one braincell and they have to take turns using it… Every single orange cat in the world. Listen, there is no science behind this, heck this isn't even a theory. It is just a simple common sense deduction that all and anybody who has owned or lived with an orange cat has come to. It makes perfect sense if you know.

If you don't believe us, then we have 22 of the most purrfect videos that will prove to you just how much of a special brand of chaos ginger cats are. Is this like a “blondes have more fun” thing? Like, “Orange cats have more chaos?” Who knows? All we are sure of is that they are special sweet fur babies that all share a braincell and no orange/ginger cat parent would have them any other way.