24 Funny Illustrations That Show The Cultural Differences Between The East And The West Made By This Artist

Since we can travel around the world and visit different countries, people noticed cultural differences that are here to this day. That is what makes traveling fun, to change your usual setting with something new and unexplored. 

Yang Liu a young artist from Beijing currently living in Germany illustrates the social and cultural differences between her Eastern and Western worlds in her project “Ost trifft West,” or “East Meets West,” which conveys a strong message on the differences she personally experienced.

“Ost trifft West” is a series of infographic posters that compare German and Chinese people in accurate and humorous ways. The infographics highlight important human elements such as self-perception, opinion expression, and mood.

So without further ado, we invite you to explore the differences captured by this incredibly observant artist.

More info: yangliudesign.com | amazon.com