30 Funny “Cool Guides” People Encountered In Public

Information is often easier to comprehend when presented in the form of a “Cool Guide,” like the ones we’ve shared here.

However, not all information is necessary, as it may be silly, pointless, or unhelpful. Despite this, some people still insist on creating “Sh*tty Cool Guides” like the ones we’ve shared in the gallery below.

1. “Not From Fb, Not Terrible, And Pretty Useful”

2. “How Carry Your Tea Cup In Style?”

3. “Use Color Coordination To Improve Your PC”

4. “Fahrenheit For Europeans”

5. “Australia Is Big”

6. “A Map”

7. “Guide To Mispronounced Carmakers”

8. “Very Handy Baby Growth Guide”

9. “Life Hack”

10. “A Comprehensible Guide To Hybrid Meals”

11. “Just F*ck My S**t Up”

12. “How To Not Get A Ticket”

13. “Is It A Valid Complaint Or Just Whining?”

14. “How To Send A Text If You’re A Grizzly Bear”

15. “Instructions On How To Prevent A Tick Bite (How To Fight Ticks In Original)”

16. “Nice Tits”

17. “Helpful Guide On Canada’s Provinces”

18. “Guide To Breakfasts From Around The World”

19. “Most Used Word In Each State”

20. “How To Catch A Chicken”

21. “The Pointer Sisters’ Mountain Of Excitement”

22. “Iceland To Ireland Flow Chart”

23. “No, Wait, He Has A Point”

24. “Railway Map Of Antarctica”

25. “Alpaca vs. Llama”

26. “A Better Bus Comparison”

27. “Was Recommended To Post This Here Instead Of /Coolguides”

28. “Big Brain”

29. “Difference Between Types Of Groups”

30. “Reddit Explains How To Be A Man (With A Little Help From Donny Osmond)”

h/t: r/sh*ttycoolguides