4 Famous Dead Folks Who Absolutely Have Not Rested In Peace

Nope. Harvey, who, it should be noted, was not even a neurologist, decided he could handle it. He never published anything. In 2015, Steven Levy at Wired tracked Harvey down to be like, “Hey, you have an ETA on that Einstein’s brain thing?” At which point, Harvey pulled out the brain in question. From a cardboard box. Floating in a mason jar.

Oliver Cromwell

Public Domain

“Hey, man, are you okay?”

So far, the bodies in question have been yanked from the earth for a variety of reasons, but at least none of them have been desecrated — arguably, Einstein’s was, but at least the guy used medical tools. Oliver Cromwell’s body, on the other hand, received a treatment that even grave robbers would consider dishonorable. Cromwell fought against King Charles I in the English Civil War, won, executed him and governed England in his stead. As you can imagine, this made Cromwell one of Charles II’s all-time least favorite guys.

Thus, after Cromwell’s death, when Charles II negotiated the end of his exile and his return to rule as monarch, Cromwell being dead wasn’t good enough for him. He ordered Cromwell’s body dug up and posthumously hung from the gallows. Then, he had Cromwell’s dead head chopped off his dead body. Do you know how pissed off you have to be to execute someone’s corpse two ways? The desecrated remains were then buried under the gallows. Well, most of them: Cromwell’s head was mounted on a spike

Tell us how you really feel, Charles!