683: MAGIC Live! 2022 – Day Three Report — The Magic Word

Time stamps for this episode:

00:00:16 – Daniel Will and Scott recap last evening’s show plus some other highlights of the convention

00:15:00 – Nick Diffate tells us a bit about his new book and his recent presentation during the General Session about queuing your stage volunteers

00:17:35 – Gabe Fajuri is another dealer talking about the room and what’s been a big seller plus upcoming Potter & Potter Auctions

00:22:08 – Rudy Coby talks…just talks. 🙂

00:29:23 – Niels Duiner is a juggler who is also a magician who is looking for a story line for his juggling act here at MAGIC Live!

00:38:07 – Seth Kramer tells us why he attends MAGIC Live and David Regal gives us a summary of his talk in the General Session

00:45:17 – Tom Cutts used to work with L&L Publishing and their video production crew. He has a unique perspective on what went on back then. He shares some good memories from those days.

00:53:17- Alex Boyce tells us about his view of the convention