695: I.B.M. 2022 Convention – Day Four Report — The Magic Word

Contest Winners:

Close-Up Award Winners:

  • Youth Award of Merit: Jackson Oliver – Honolulu, Hawaii

  • Youth First Place: Anja Steyn, Cape Town, South Africa

  • Adult Award of Merit: Tetro – West Hollywood, California

  • Adult First Place: Micheal Bloemeke – Raleigh, North Carolina

Stage Award Winners:


  • Danny King – Garland, Texas

  • James Irwin – Arlington, Texas

  • Rena Cui – Fresh Meadows, New York

  • Anjya Steyn – Cape Town, South Africa

  • The Wushuong – People’s Republic of China

  • Artem Shchukin – Moscow, Russia

Youth Stage Award of Merit – Rena Cui – Fresh Meadows, New York

Youth Stage First Place – Anya Steyn – Cape Town, South Africa

Adult Stage Award of Merit: The Wushuong – The People’s Republic of China

Adult Stage First Place: Artum Shchunik – Moscow, Russia

Gold Medal: Artem Shchunik – Moscow, Russia

Time stamps for this episode:

00:00:16 – Award winners names announced

00:03:22 – Stuart MacDonald talks to the Order of Merlin group with his speech on his Journey to FISM

00:24:18 – David Garrard and Tommy Ellison recap the previous evening’s contest show

00:35:33 – Jeff and Tessa Evason talk about this and other magic conventions they have performed in plus what they did during COVID

00:45:53 – Jeffrey Alan (an I.B.M Board member and American Museum of Magic Board Member) and his assistant, Angela, talk about this convention and the museum

00:52:54 – Trigg Watson was one of the evening’s performer who can now relax. He chats about his experience as well as part of what he talked about at the Youth Seminar

00:57:53 – Past International President of the I.B.M., David Sandy, has also chaired and produced several magic conventions. We recap this convention including the final night’s gala show.