697: FISM Quebec 2022 – Day Two Report — The Magic Word

Time stamps for this episode:

00:00:16 – Stage competition has just started and we open with a chat with Erika Larsen fro the Academy of Magical Arts. She talks about the Magic Castle, her parents, and her upcoming talk during FISM. She also gives us an update on the Magic Castle movie.

00:05:42 – Richard Hatch just arrived and tells us his “contrarian” viewpoint of the previous evening’s show plus his stage picks from the first of five days of competitions.

00:15:17 – Charles Greene III talks a bit about his recent book, “Ionia”

00:21:59 -Mike Segal is in the dealer’s room and welcomes us to his country, Canada, who is hosting this year’s FISM.

00:24:48 – Yigal Mesika talks about his most recent dealers’ items.

00:29:50 – Bob Fitch talks a bit about the differences between coaching and teaching plus some of the points he teaches in workshops and was recounted in our podcast HERE.

00:39:30 – Marc DeSouza gives us a little “color” on the stage and close-up contests.

00:57:12 – Pit Hartling, from Canada, chats about his vacation here in Canada prior to FISM.

01:00:15 – Long time friend from Canada, Bob Farmer, and Scott get caught up after not seeing each other for over a decade.