699: FISM Quebec 2022 – Day Four Report — The Magic Word

Time stamps for this episode:

00:00:16 – As we walk from the hotel to the convention center, Connie Boyd, talks about her upcoming presentation at FISM. She will be talking about the influence of women in magic.

00:03:22 – Marc DeSouza and Scott give a rundown of the previous night’s show complete with who did what and their opinions of how the show was received by the aucience.

00:08:50 – Chip Romero and Peter Samelson give their perceptions on this FISM. Chip will be presenting a lecture on Doug Henning here at FISM. The two talk about Doug’s influence on magic.

00:15:34 – Edward Hilsum and Scott Wells finally meet in person as they chat about the Magic Circle contests and Edward’s perception of what it’s like as a competitor at the FISM international level.

00:21:08 – After completing the morning stage contest, Peter Samelson and Scott Wells give a rundown on all of the competitors and their acts.

00:41:50 – After the close-up competition ended, Marc DeSouza and Scott discuss all of the competitors, who they were and what they did.

00:58:30 – The evening banquet was in full swing as we chat with Roger Nicot from Card Shark who tells us about why the dealer room was so light.