706: Abbott's Get Together 2022

Time stamps for this episode:

00:00:16 – Brandon Ivy talks about this being his second year attending the Get Together and reviews the morning lecture by John Bundy who talked about customizing tricks for seasonal magic (i.e. Halloween, etc.)

00:06:36 – President Elect of the I.B.M., Chuck Arkin (a Friend of the Magic Word) chats about why he returns to this convention from year to year.

00:12:53 – One of the managing partners of Vanishing, Inc., Andi Gladwin, came to this convention after FISM and filled in because some of the planned talent couldn’t get here.

00:21:37 – 11 year old Brin Cummings was a previous winner of the Get Together and is an incredible ventriloquist as well as recognized at the National Championship for Juniors at the national vent convention.

00:32:44 – From Las Vegas, Bizzaro, chats about the Escape Rooms that he works with now across the country.

00:43:25 – at the awards ceremony, we chat with Bill Smith who talk about his first time at this convention in 1977 with the Long Beach Mystics that inspired Kevin James to move to California and join their group. Bill also attended because he wanted to work with Harry Blackstone, Jr. as a prop man.. And he was hired then and there.

00:50:44 – Board of Directors of the American Magic Museum, Jeffrey Alan, and his assistant, Angel, talk about doing walk-around using an assistant.

00:54:06 – BJ Mallen presents the names of award winners.

00:59:46 – Jack Gwyn award winner, Carissa “Lucy Darling” Hendrix, talks about filling in as an alternate performer to this convention.