708: Poe's Magic Conference 2022

Time stamps for this episode :

00:00:18 – Join us for breakfast (the usual Dunkin’ Donuts and coffee) as we prepare to board our magic carpet (Southwest Airlines) and head to Baltimore, Maryland.

00:03:32 – Co-Organizer, Vince Wilson, is our tour guide as we prepare to learn about the history of the Lord Baltimore Hotel and Edgar Allan Poe.

00:05:51 – Vince Wilson welcomes us to the conference and tells us what we are in for during this weekend.

00:15:17 – the microphone is turned on as we learn the agenda for the weekend and experience some “ectoplasm” thanks to Jeff McBride.

00:18:47 – Reed Owens and Gary Braham are two registrants at this conference tell about their experience since this is their first magic conference.

00:32:47 – Vlad is one of organizers as well as one of the presenters at this year’s conference.

00:44:12 – Meadow Perry tells us why a “bubble person” is part of a bizarre conference.