‘A complete garbage person’: Boss fires worker for stupid reason, worker ruins their marriage by revealing their affair with a coworker – FAIL Blog

An employee got ruthless revenge on their terrible boss when they ran into him in a bar, quickly bringing a certain end to the boss's marriage after revealing a long-standing affair that the boss had been having with a coworker.

Redditor and dejected employee u/NALORpod, posted this story to the r/pettyrevenge subreddit. The account details a series of events at his old workplace under his terrible boss.

u/NALORpod worked as a meatpacker… while his boss was busy packing his meat with the receptionist. u/NALORpod explains that he would often come into work for the afternoon shift and find that the receptionist, who was supposed to be running clock-ins, was in “locked door” meetings with the boss. He would take over the clock-in desk while she was absent before starting his work, sometimes getting foul looks from the boss when the pair finally left the office. u/NALORpod explains his philosophy on the situation as “Not my husband or wife. Not my problem.”

We continue this dance of me covering her station and getting in trouble for it for a few weeks until an ice storm hit. u/NALORpod got fired for stupid reasons, leaving the desire for revenge burning.

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