“Anarchy4Everyone”: 79 Posts From People Who Have Realized That Modern Capitalism Is Starting To Look Ridiculous

The Anarchy4Everyone subreddit has only been around since July, 2022, but it’s already making waves on Reddit. It has amassed an impressive 21.2k members in less than a year, and its feed is full of painfully true posts. Some common topics in the group are ACAB, The Resistance, Anti-Work, Anti-Colonialist, Smash The State, F*** America And F*** Canada, Red Flash, and Pure Anarchy. And there’s only one rule from the moderators for members to follow: “As long as it's anarchy or anarchy-related, we don't care what you do or say. Just don't violate Reddit's ToS.”

To learn more about this radical group, we reached out to the subreddit’s moderator team, and one of the co-founders was kind enough to have a chat with us. First, we wanted to know how Anarchy4Everyone came about. “I got contacted by u/elbrujosalvaje asking if I wanted to create an anarchist sub for all anarchists to talk about their views openly without the threat of being banned,” the co-founder told Bored Panda. “So I graciously agreed, and it was the start to a great sub. Seeing how fast it has been growing still amazes me,” they added. “I was shocked even when we hit 100 members, and I'm still shocked now!”