College softball game stopped due to PARROT INVASION

It absolutely sucks when a game has to be delayed because some idiot runs on the field and tries to get attention, but when it comes to two parrots interrupting a college softball game, we’ll allow it.

On Friday a game between Bradley and Gardner-Webb in Orlando got delayed for several minutes when some beautiful parrots decided they wanted to watch the game too. The pair flew around the field, circling players — before one decided to land on the shoulder of the umpire, because why not?

The game was being played on UCF’s campus, and apparently the two birds are known to locals. They’re not trained, nor did they escape, but they’re generally harmless and hang out in the trees around UCF’s campus without causing a ruckus. Still, it was too much for Bradley’s Bailey Stample, who told the school’s website she thought they were out for blood.

“I did scream and run away because I’m pretty sure one of them had a vengeance. He was looking for me, and so I was just not having it. I was scared,” Sample said.

The two birds were removed from the field by UCF staff and continue to live happily. Meanwhile for us, we might finally get the sports-based crossover with The Birds we’ve been looking for.