Eugene Levy Can’t Stop Thinking About ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Season Seven

“We’ve never given up on Schitt’s Creek,” Levy later commented on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Despite his insistence that the show ended at the exact right time to preserve its legacy and prevent possible shark-jumping, Levy says that he and his son are still waiting for the lightning bolt idea that will justify a continuation of the Canadian comedy that took the continent by storm. “My son Daniel says, ‘If we come with an idea that really comes up to the same level as where we finished the show, or even higher, creatively, that’s the time to come out with a project, a movie or a show, whatever it is.’”

Though Levy told The Radio Times that “there's nothing in the works right now,” he reiterated that the return to Schitt’s Creek is only a matter of finding the right angle. “We’re certainly open to anything,” explained Levy, who has previously hinted that a spinoff film could be in the franchise’s future. “I think when the idea that is the right idea presents itself we’ll probably act on it.”

The Levys made a decidedly un-Irish goodbye when they wrapped Schitt’s Creek back in 2020. They planned a farewell tour (that was sadly scrapped), a book was written about the show’s production process and Netflix produced an accompanying documentary Schitt’s Creek: Best Wishes, Warmest Regards, which detailed the show’s cultural impact and the personal experiences of the main cast as the comedy grew into a social phenomenon. Nearly three years later, one half of the father-and-son creative team is seemingly still torn about the decision to end the series at the height of its popularity.

The elder Levy is looking for any excuse to return to the franchise that filled his family’s trophy case, and another lucrative film or television deal would probably place his family at the level of wealth that the Roses had pre-Season One. When they inevitably find the “right idea” to return to Schitt’s Creek, let’s just hope they pick a decent business manager.

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