‘He was… gaming the system’: Sneaky guest acts like a ‘major jerk’ until quick-thinking hotel employee gets pro revenge on him – FAIL Blog

This long-time hotel clerk was familiar with his employer's rules — and he got the chance to use them against one customer who was entitled and rude. 

As u/Ancient_Ice shared to r/ProRevenge, he worked at a hotel franchise for some time. One day, he happened to come in for his shift and saw his coworkers were upset over the way a guest treated them. Surely guests can be demanding and harsh, but apparently this guest went above and beyond by screaming at the young employees. Since he'd been working there for some time, the OP managed to get a little bit of information on this rude guest, and used the hotel's rules to his own advantage. Turns out this guest actually worked at another hotel, and wasn't even following the rules set by his own employer. 

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