Hooman Attempts to Give Adorable Street Kitty Nice Warm Shower, Ends up Predictably Soaked (Video)

We've all been there — attempting to give our cat a nice, warm shower. So we all know it usually ends… unless you have a supersonic feline, your cat presumably hates water. What do they do when coming in contact with it? Freak out, of course. They yowl so loudly you get genuinely worried that your neighbors are gonna call animal control. You might not wanna go into it wearing something you like, because it will end up in shreds.

Below you'll find a kind hooman who rescued a kitty (named MangoLyte) off the street and took the next obvious step — tried giving him a shower. Well, he ended up totally drenched, but the attempt was semi-successful and totally worth it. Scroll down to watch the hilariously wholesome video. @derrickdowneyjr also uploads cute content about squirrels, so be sure to click on his profile for a better look.

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