‘How to CAT’: Best 3-minutes or less tips and tricks cat tutorial videos for first time feline parents

Are you about to be a new cat mama or pops? Whether you went out to adopt a cat on purpose or a stray kitty chose you, doing research on how to properly care for your new feline friend can save you and your sweet fur baby a lot of time and grief. Everyone says cats are the easy pets to care for, and though that may be the way in some cases, they are still a living creature you need to figure out. They each have their very own personalities and unique needs in order to thrive. So as a pawrent to your new cat, it's your duty to do your research and do the best you can. 

As cat lovers ourselves, we want to make the learning process as easy as possible for any cat parent, so we've gathered some TikTok “how to” cat care tutorial videos below. Like we said, every cat is different, so make sure you research your specific breed and figure out your baby's specific needs (meaning, some of these videos might not pertain to your gato gal or gay). Below are great beginner parent basics and then some! 

So you go cat mama or papa! You're going to be meownificent and we are very purroud of you!