How to Plan an Epic Bachelor Party in Puerto Vallarta

This is what it’s all come down to, and the nightlife in Puerto Vallarta will not disappoint. We’re talking killer light shows, world-famous DJs, huge dance floors, the swankiest bars, and the most epic venues.

But what’s the right move for your crew? Here are your options:

• Lounges: A great place to start the night, Puerto Vallarta’s cocktail lounges are refined and relaxed places to take a load off and recharge your energy after a big meal. We can help you find one with a view of Banderas Bay and even stock you with a box of Cuban stogies.

• Bars: If you think the bars here in PV are like your neighborhood pubs at home, you’re in for a surprise. Our bars are hip and full of movement with spontaneous dancing and music abound. Signature cocktails fly as bartenders pump up the crowd for the night to come.

• Music venues: If you’re into rock, pop, reggae, Latin or even mariachi, we know where all the chicas will be dancing to live tunes. If the groom-to-be is a music buff, he won’t want to miss the PV scene.

• Clubs: Some of the hottest clubs in the world are right here in PV. The doors stay open until 6 am, so you’ll be able to make the night of your life last as long as you like. Don’t forget to book a VIP table to make the groom-to-be the life of the party.

• Strip Clubs: Don’t pretend that it didn’t cross your mind… If there’s anywhere you can’t go to escape the balmy PV nights, it’s our gentlemen’s clubs. Once you walk through those doors, things will only get hotter. If you think you can handle the heat, we’ll take you on a sexy club crawl that serves up plenty of spice.