'I refused to apologize': Guy unleashes wrath upon socially awkward sister-in-law, calls her stuck up

We love watching family drama unravel when it's not our own family. It's like a nice little reminder that our own family problems pale in comparison. Based on this thread, which was posted to Reddit's r/AmITheA**hole subreddit by u/thatswhyididit, it's quite clear that this family has a lot to sort out.


Clearly, we're on the side of the Redditor's brother and his wife, who allegedly has social anxiety. This has resulted in a few instances where she opts out of family gatherings. It's also clear that when she does attend, she doesn't always feel comfortable, and based on how this whole interaction went down, she may not be at fault here. The fact that the Redditor phrased her confrontation in such an insulting way and has the audacity to think she's not the jerk in this situation tells us everything we need to know. Keep scrolling below to watch the Redditor get torn apart in the comments.


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