Infant Island Side Projects Mattachine & Mikau Release Wild New Split EP ‘Eject Modernity, Erase Tradition’: Stream

We’ll get that new Infant Island album sometime soon. It’s coming. Nobody’s told me anything, but I can feel it in the air. While we wait, though, we’ve got something new from two bands who share members with Infant Island. The associated projects Mattachine and Mikau have come together for a nasty new split EP, and that EP is out today.

Mattachine is the militant queer hardcore band led by Infant Island guitarist Alexander Rudenshiold. (Full disclosure: Alex is a friend.) Before this new split, Mattachine haven’t released anything since their hard-chugging 2020 debut EP Isolation As A Form Of Torture, and it’s great to hear them back in action.

Infant Island’s Austin O’Rourke plays drums in Mattachine, and he also plays in the frantic, bugged-out DC mall-core band Mikau, who came out with their Abondonware EP last year. On the new split Eject Modernity, Erase Tradition, Mattachine and Mikau contribute two songs apiece, and they also come together on the unhinged collaborative track “Unlucky Chanel.” We’ve posted that song and Mikau’s “Offal Platter,” and now you can stream the whole EP below.

The Eject Modernity, Erase Tradition split is out now on Acrobat Unstable Records.