Is magic art?

Greg's a young magician who has to write an essay for school on why magic should be considered an art form. He's being proactive and wants to get the opinion of other magicians as field research.

Do you agree that it is an art form? What arguments would you make?

Please share your thoughts at the bottom of this page.



Phil Hyslop: 

What is magic? “Magic is the theatrical art of creating the illusion of impossibility in an entertaining way.” Charles Reynolds

Sean Mccarthy:

I think magic isn't an art form, although it has the potential to be. In the same way that an easel and a paint brush aren't a painting. It requires an artist. Somebody with a passion for what they do and with a message to give. Magic can be an art, but only when the tricks come second to the people.

Ian Leic:

I got a copy of Ken Weber's book “Maximum Entertainment” the other day and in it he says that magic is an art as it falls under the umbrella of ‘performing arts’. Like others here, I personally believe that magic has the potential to be an art but shouldn't be classed as that automatically. A block of clay needs a sculptor to create art rather than a mess. A keyboard needs a composer to create art rather than just a noise. Magic can be an art but whether it is or not is entirely reliant on the person performing it.

Jørund Werner:

Yes. I believe magic can be an art form. I went to an art school years ago, I'm not only magician, I also make comics, draw pictures and write short stories. In my experience the hard work I do when I make art has a lot in common with the work I do when I work on my magic, Yes it's an artform, if you put your soul and hard work in it. If It's original and interesting to watch, if your magic is something that does not loook like magic you have seen before, then I think you can call it art.

Chris Curley:

Magic is art. The cards are my canvas, my hands are the paint and my mind creates the master piece. Too say magic is not an art is not a wrong answer just a view on the subject. Magic that does not seem to be art was not performed properly.

Jonathan Nicholson:

Brilliant question. I would say that magic is an art but in the way that paint, brushes and canvas is not art until the creative element (artist) is introduced. Perhaps more akin to dance…

TRICKS are not artistic, but a magician has the ability to create art with them. Some card flourishers now call their card flourishes “juggling” but watching some of the videos (again part of the creative process) I would class that as art. 

My partner says magic is not art. In her defence – she has seen me perform.

Tomás Ó Laoch:

Art is supposed to make you feel something you make people feel wonder and whimsy so yes i believe its an art form people look at a painting and wonder the emotion behind it so that's my argument behind my statement.

Sam Mcgurgan:

 Well all art forms need to be perfected, magic also has to be perfected, therefore magic is an art.

Dominic Reyes:

Great posts on this topic! I would agree.. Magic is much like any other form of performance. The props and techniques are materials for the magician to create something. Perhaps the ‘art’ comes in the presentation and delivery of the magic?