People Share What They Found Thrown Away, And The Phrase ‘One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure’ Has Never Been So Real (50 New Pics)

The Big Apple is awash with marvelous items thrown on the dusty sidewalks, waiting to be picked up by a lucky passerby and start their journey all over again. Think of mid-century-style bookshelves, velvet couches, modern tables, intricate mirrors, oil paintings, art prints, you name it–it’s there.

Apparently, stooping is a longtime tradition in NYC, but its newly found popularity took off in 2019 together with the emergence of the ‘Stooping NYC’ Instagram page.

Created by a Brooklyn couple and stooping aficionados, the page became a holy grail for the “one person’s trash, another person’s” treasures and today, it boasts a community of 429K followers.

Below we wrapped up some of the newest NYC stooping gems to make us all both jealous and happy for the people who got their hands on these goods! And after you’re done scrolling through this list and upvoting your fave photos, make sure to check out our previous ‘Stooping NYC’ posts here, here and here.