Reddit Review ‘AITA’: Man Kicks Out Fiancée's “Troubled Teen” Sister From Their Home After She Purposefully Destroys Two of His Lego Sculptures – FAIL Blog

When you ask someone to marry them, you are also asking to be 100% part of their life. That means through the ups AND the downs. But sometimes those downs could be more than you bargained for. For instant, a man on Reddit recently shared that his fiancée's sister moved in with them and she is what he calls a “bad kid.” She is your textbook troubled youth, getting in trouble at school, stealing, and doing many other things she shouldn't. 

She recently got in a fight with another kid and was escorted home by the police. The fiancée aka the older sister did nothing about it and even took her side. The fiancé was upset, but still let it lie. However, when he woke up in the morning, he saw that the younger sister destroyed all of his Lego sculptures he had been working diligently on for months. They were all scattered in pieces across the floor. So naturally, he blew up at the “troubled teen” and told her if she didn't start acting better, he was going to kick her out of their home. The fiancée/older sister took her younger sister side and said that he was being an a hole. Now, he doesn't know what to do—he isn't sure if he truly was being hardheaded and mean or if this younger sister truly needs some consequences for her actions. Because of this, he is not even sure what to do about the engagement. 

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