Remember Emo Kid Scene? The Funniest Emo Photos Ever!

Remember those glorious days many years ago when internet was dominated by MySpace and emo kid scene? It was an amazing time… They always seemed to be on the verge of tears – probably because they’ve had survived more heartbreak than you could ever imagine. So go ahead, make fun of their dark makeup and angsty demeanor – they’ll just write a beautifully sad poem about it later.

Emo kid.

Emo kid.Emo kids.Emo kid.Emo kids.Emo kid.

Where did emos come from? The emo scene emerged in the 1990s as a subculture of punk rock music. Emo, short for “emotional,” was characterized by its raw, confessional lyrics and intense, often melancholic sound. The scene was closely tied to fashion, with most of the emo kids sporting black clothing, heavy eyeliner and dyed hair. The emo subculture was known for its emphasis on emotional authenticity, sensitivity and vulnerability, and its members often expressed themselves through writing and heart-breaking poetry. Where did all those emos go? Why did they dissappear? Well… They did grow up.

Emo kids.Emo kid.Emo kids.Emo kid.Emo kid.Emo kid.Emo kids.Emo kid.Emo kid.Emo kids.Emo kid.Emo kids.Emo kid.Emo kid.Emo kid.Emo kids.Emo kid.Emo kid.