Sessa Shares New Song “Vento A Favor”: Listen

The Brazilian folk musician Sessa impressed us with last year’s Estrela Acesa, his first album for Mexican Summer. Today he’s back with a new song called “Vento a Favor,” which he co-produced with fellow Brazilian Biel Basile and American Mikey Coltun, who plays bass in Mdou Moctar’s band and helped facilitate Moctar’s breakthrough in North America. It’s a dreamy dose of tropicalia that eventually gets spiked with some piercing fuzz guitar, and Sessa has this to say about it:

“Vento a Favor” started as a track meant to be on Estrela Acesa. It was recorded, mixed and mastered in the same sessions as the whole LP but somewhere along the way, when putting the pieces together, I started to feel that its energy was different from the story I was trying to tell with the record. The track was a bit too sure of its force and movement forward, outwards, while Estrela Acesa’s gesture was something more of an inward look, a whisper to the soul. But you know, nothing wrong with that, breathing goes both in and out.

Listen below.