Snooping Karen makes teen cry after she alleges credit card ‘fraud’ – FAIL Blog

This woman decided to visit an expensive department store and spy on the other customers while they shopped. If only she had decided to mind her business, the internet wouldn't be roasting her

After a shopping incident, Karen felt justified to post to r/AmItheA**hole – she was so sure she was in the right, but she just wanted to be sure. As she explains the story, she went for a shopping trip in Bloomingdales, and noticed two teen girls who found a pair of super expensive boots, and decided to buy them. As Karen listened into their conversation, she decided that there was potential fraud afoot! These girls were planning on using a credit card belonging to one of the girls’ father. Karen swooped in to stop these teenagers, without realizing that she was the a**hole in this situation. 

Scroll down to check out this OP's insane tale of Karen tomfoolery. Then, this neighborhood feud has gone on for years — and it finally escalated when one neighbor tattled to the police.