‘Stepmom was livid’: Woman bakes deliciously petty revenge for her entitled stepmom's 50th birthday – FAIL Blog

Revenge is a dish best served Betty Crocker-style! Folks, this one has an epic climax. After being repeatedly insulted and targeted by her evil stepmother, this Redditor decided it was time to go for the pettiest of petty revenge plots. She shared her story via this thread on Reddit's r/pettyrevenge subreddit. 


There are so many justified reasons for this woman's revenge plot. Let's start with the fact that her stepmom destroyed her future education and career aspirations by evicting her from her home at 18 years old. Then, there's the constant mockery of her ailing biological mother. Then there's the career mocking. Finally, after the Redditor found herself in a much happier place and working at a bakery, this stepmom had the audacity to insult her cake and then later request a cake of her own for her 50th birthday. Well, she set herself up for this one. The next step is for the Redditor to get revenge on her absent, doormat of a father.


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