The Royal Arctic Institute: February 17, 2023 Tubby’s (Kingston, NY)


The Royal Artic Institute is a perfect band name for a mid-February show in (slightly) upstate New York. Outside it was wet and cold but inside the drinks were flowing, the spirits were high, and the music was outstanding. Another perfect night at Tubby’s.

The NYC based band has over 50 years of combined touring and recording experience including stints with certified legends like Arthur Lee and Roky Erickson. The musical experience is palpable; they float though compositions shifting feel and sound and carrying the listener through the journey. This is a fun one for headphones and a dark room.

The Royal Arctic Institute plays “cinematic instrumental post-jazz” or, as they put it on their band camp page, “post-everything.” Pidgeon holing their sound defeats the point. These are expansive, imaginative soundscapes made for dreaming. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I recorded this from my usual spot by the soundboard with my MBHO’s and board feed from Tubby’s FOH engineer Sam. The sound and performance are excellent. Enjoy!

Download in FLAC and MP3!

The Royal Arctic Institute
Kingston, NY

Source: MBHO440 + SDB > SD MixPre 3 > SD (24/48) > Adobe Audition/Izotope 9 > Audacity FLAC (lvl8) > Mp3Tag

Thanks to Tubby’s FOH engineer Sam for the board patch

  1. Different In Sodium Light
  2. Tomorrowmorrow Land
  3. First of the Eight
  4. New South Wales
  5. Shore Leave on Pharagonesia
  6. 13 Christmases At Sea
  7. Passover Buckets
  8. Fishing By Lantern
  9. K-Style Circuit

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