‘[The vet said] it happens a lot, she'll be fine’: TikToker Posts Warning to All Dog Parents About Off-Leash Parks After Her Dog Comes Back Testing Positive for Methanphatmines – FAIL Blog

Letting your dog go off-leash in the appropriate park always seems like a good time. Those spaces are curated around dogs. You get to see your dog get a taste of their ancestry of wolves running around in nature. They can roll in the grass, watch the birds, and just be free in a safe way. You never imagine those horror stories you hear on the internet would happen to you, until it does…

Recently, a TikToker shared a horrifying experience she had at an off-leash park with her dog. Her dog Kaiya was having the time of her life at an off-leash park running around. She never wanted to leave. Then, on the car ride home her owner started to notice she was acting kind of strange. Then when they got home her owner noticed something was very wrong when Kaiya stopped responding to her name or her favorite treat. They were already getting ready to go to the vet when Kaiya's legs started to shake and she collapsed. 

At the vet she was winning and running around non stop in circles. The doctor assured her Kaiya was going to be ok, but that they needed to do a drug test. With that, Kaiya tested positive for m3th. Her owner was rightfully freaking out about it, but the vet told her that this was actually very common—dogs ingesting mystery drvgs while running around a park. They have Kaiya some injections and told her owner to keep her in a dark room until the drvgs have worn off. Kaiya was fine, but the experience left the owner shook and she posted a TikTok warning other dog owners

“She’s okay now, be careful letting your dogs play in the park!”

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“She's doing well! Back to normal.”

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