“This Is My Life Now”: 50 Hilarious Pics Of Humans And Animals Coming To Terms With Unexpected Situations (New Pics)

Some of the trademark characteristics of self-acceptance that Dr. Marcum explained for Verywell Mind are being able to fairly recognize what you’re good and bad at; embracing all parts of yourself; accepting your values, preferences, resources, feelings, intuitions and actions both past and present; recognizing your accomplishments without being vain; recognizing your weaknesses and faults without being overly critical; having a positive attitude towards yourself without needing others’ approval; seeing yourself as a whole human being, rather than defining yourself by any single characteristic; and being able to love and respect yourself.

On the other hand, when we have a hard time accepting ourselves and our circumstances, low self-esteem can lead to a host of troubles, including struggling with mental health conditions, having a fear of failure, avoiding people or situations that trigger negative feelings within us, having relationship issues, and engaging in self-hatred or negative self-talk.