Time To Give Our Purrfect Senior Cats A Whole Lotta Love Because Age Is Just A Number (18 Cute Pictures)

Everyone loves kittens. Kittens are adorable, kittens are precious, kittens are energetic sweethearts, and they are irresistible. But a cat is only a kitten for a very short time. The rest of the time? Well, your cat grow into petulant teenagers, then mature adults, and eventually, they reach their most regal stage when they become senior cats. And senior cats, in our experience, don't get nearly as much love as they should.

Yes, they're are not as energetic as kittens, but senior cats are affectionate and so loving, senior cats are calm, and they bring that calmness into our lives day by day. Senior cats are amazing, and we will hear no argument against us. Nothing makes us happier than seeing an adorable kitty grow to old age with their human, happy and content. And on this fine Sunday, we want to bring that happiness and content to you guys as well, so please enjoy this wholesome senior cat appreciation collection