Toxic entitled individual battles a Karen on the bus – FAIL Blog

It's a race to the bottom in this latest story of petty revenge… 

We're all the heroes of our own story, and the mind has an impressive way of spinning a narrative so that it isn't at fault—especially when that narrative is going to be posted online for fake internet points. But, hey, it's my job to farm other people's fake-internet-point stories and give my own snazzy take on it for more fake internet points—so I shouldn't be one to judge. 

Because we're so good at making ourselves out to be the “good guy” in a story, it's very telling when someone's own narrative paints them to be the villain or shows cracks in the armor that we can't ignore. If you can't even manage to make yourself sound good, we have to wonder what sort of behavior and warped perspective lies beneath the charade.  

This user shared a story to Reddit's r/pettyrevenge subreddit, which aims to tell the classic story of a “Karen on the bus,” and, while the “Karen” she's talking about sounds terrible… the user sounds equally terrible. 

Studies have confirmed that hearing one side of a phone conversation is profoundly more irritating than listening to other people talking, so subjecting the poor people who are stuck on a long-haul bus trip with you is incredibly inconsiderate. The user then goes on to talk about how she is planning to assault the “Karen” with glitter for voicing her annoyance at the phone call, disregarding the fact that someone will have to clean it up and others are likely to be contaminated, confirming the user's warped perspective on the world and propensity toward entitled behavior. 

Just another reason why public transport is a battered hellscape of an experience.