Toxic GF steals dude's beloved car and hauls it to junk yard – FAIL Blog

This guy was stunned to find out that his girlfriend had not only stolen his beloved car, but she took it to be scrapped. U/Jimothyisyouruncle shared this story to r/AmItheA**hole, and it's a truly wild tale. 

The OP let his GF live with him during for a few months, but she's hated his car since day one. The 1967 Impala really grinds her gears, all because it's parked in the spot she wants to put her own car in. The OP told her, “Tough luck,” since there were other places to park it. But then, he left town on a business trip for several days, and the car had suddenly disappeared! 

While the OP's GF was acting nice towards him at first, it was only to soften the blow when she told him that she'd hired people to get rid of this car that he loves so much. The OP wrote an original post plus an update, as well as answering questions in the comments. 

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