‘You're not friends. You are her boss’: Clueless manager forces employee to give her the last bite of her chocolates – FAIL Blog

This manager went into work on her day off just to bully her so-called  “friend/employee.” In this insane story told to r/AmItheA**hole, the OP described an interesting work situation she's got going on. The 34 year old manager went into her retail job on her day off, probably because she considers her employees to be her friends. Not that bosses and employees can't be friends in theory, but there's got to be some boundaries drawn, and this clueless boss has some major issues with that. 

The employee, Kate, was showing her coworkers a nice box of chocolates from her boyfriend. There was only one piece left when the OP showed up, and she actually had the nerve to ask — twice! — for a bite of the final truffle. This employee was so taken aback that she tried to deflect the OP's question in a few different ways, but the OP wasn't taking no for an answer. The OP even managed to insult her in front of all the other employees. This boss and employee relationship doesn't sound much like a friendship… After getting flamed in the comments section and repeatedly getting called an a**hole by basically everyone, maybe the OP will rethink her “friendships.”

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